eCommerce coaching + training program
her specialist paid, organic, email &

Over the past 7 years
Shelby has led her team to
scale over 500+ brands
into household names.

Will you be next?



Leading Australian ecommerce brands from JShealth, Adairs, Wittner, Bangn Body, GEM & more across their ecommerce strategy. 

Spent over

$350+ Million

Aross Meta, TikTok, Pinterest and Google Ads.


$1 Billion

in attributable e-commerce revenue from her organic, email and paid ads strategies. 

Why JOIN our Academy?

You are just moments away from making the best investment into your business in 2024!

Female-led, Chain’s Ecommerce Acdaemy allows you instant access to Shelby Van Zwol as your marketing e-commerce coach – including a personalised 1:1 onboarding to define a clear and strategic roadmap for your business’s success.

Where other coaching programs focus solely on paid media buying, the Chain Ecommerce Academy continues Chain’s flair –  a more holistic ecommerce approach.  Staying true to our love for performance AND brand aesthetics whilst staying niched across Fashion, Beauty and Lifestyle brands; because no one sells these categories like Chain.

Now before you join, here’s the catch — the founding pillar of the Chain Ecommerce Academy is to deliver an intimate quality over quantity approach. You will not become just another number here.

We’re serving our members custom strategy for their business, not just rinsing and repeating the same old ads strategy to everyone (yes, this is a plague we’re seeing!)

The Chain Ecommerce Academy offers you and your business a sustainable way to grow without the need for an agency or contractors. Empower your internal team and increase your ROI – our program does not require hours of inconvenient DIY training.


The Chain
Academy includes:


Strategic 1:1 with Shelby

Intimate 1 hour onboarding session to unpack and identify your specific business goals and needs from the program, and to create a roadmap for your success!


on demand training modules

Access over 100+ on-demand training modules, mini masterclasses, templates and workbooks covering eCommerce strategy, reporting & KPIS, paid media buying, organic social and email marketing.



Access a group hour of power with one of the countries best marketers – to discuss problems you are facing across eCommerce implementation and ideation.



With a calendar of brilliant masterclasses lined up, enjoy a group hour of power covering strategy recommendations with one of Chain’s specialists across paid media buying, organic social and email marketing.



With a focus on success, our academy includes 1:1 support as-needed* each month.  Access the Senior Chain specialist team on speed dial for implementaton or strategy support that is unique to your business.

Who is the
Academy  for?


* Who are seeking support (and confidence) to launch their ecommerce business, acquire customers and grow revenue without the large expense of agency fees or subcontractors.

* Who desire real-time coaching from Australia’s leading digital, social, influencer and automation experts behind the success of some of the country’s largest ecommerce brands.

* Who want access to an on-demand library of industry leading short courses, modules, templates and workbooks as well as access to a complete calendar of weekly live training workshops.

*Who do not wish to become ‘just another number’ in larger group training programs – instead seeking 1:1 strategy support that is personalised to their business across the whole marketing function.


* Who desire to up-skill their internal marketing coordinator/manager to deliver stronger output for their business and deliver a better return on their teams annual salary. 

* Who don’t want to send their internal marketing team off to multiple one-off DIY training courses which have no ongoing support or implementation training – assurance that the training is being implemented correctly. 

* Who have proven product sales or a community of customers, but are finding it hard to scale revenue past a certain threshold – we are the leaders in scaling having generated over $1billion in revenue!

* Who wish to expand their internal capabilities beyond Meta advertising. Ecommerce Boss covers specialist level training and support across Meta, Pinterest, Google, TikTok as well as organic Instagram, Pinterest, TikTok, Email Automation, SMS, Influencer, UGC and Ecommerce Strategy. 


* Who wish to up-skill their execution team to drive industry-leading results for their clients – enjoy 6 months of solid education and training from the country’s best agency team. 

* Who seek ongoing support from the same network that service some of the country’s largest e-commerce brands.

* Who have their eyes on the prize and want to scale their service offering to extend across Meta, TikTok, Pinterest, Klaviyo + more.

*Who understand the importance of education – it’s a sustainable practice to invest in your own training and development to grow your business. 

Note: If you’re an agency owner we recommend pairing Ecommerce Boss with Shelbys 1:1 agency mentorship program. 


“In 2024 I am serving up accessible marketing support and coaching tailored to suit all sized ecommerce businesses.

Our offering is aimed at intimate and personalised support – rest assured you won’t just be another number to us, and you certainly won’t find my team or I serving up the same strategy to everyone.

We want to drive the most meaningful, engaged and kick-ass female-led ecommerce marketing community in the country. Where your brand flourishes beyond your wildest expectations. 

I’m really excited to bridge this gap in market – finally a resource brands can trust whilst up-skilling across media buying, organic social, influencer, email and more”

SHELBYvan zwol

Founder and CEO CHAIN social

(if not hundreds of thousands)


01/ Paid media buying across Meta, TikTok and Pinterest – from how to choose the right platforms for your brand, campaign structure, targeting, optimisation to measuring results against KPI’s, your MER% and more. 
02/ Organic Social across TikTok, Instagram & Pinterest – from how to build meaninful engaged communities, scheduling software, analysing and auditing your current profiles, content pillars to reporting, metrics and more. 
03/ Email campaign and automation across Klaviyo – from foundations to campaign structures, setting up templates, building out your automations suites to maximising revenue from your email list.
04/ Influencer marketing – choosing the right influencer for your brand, how to write briefs that sell, list recommendations, reporting platforms, negotiating outcomes and more.
05/ Setting KPIS, marketing strategy for BFCM, Easter, Christmas, Mother’s Day, Father’s Day, reporting dashboards + more.

PLUS you’ll be able to capitalise on the support of the countries best marketers on speed dial, through 1:1 support calls as needed*.

Brands who trust the same
team as Chain’s eCommerce Academy

Still not sure?


This includes Shelby and her team of digital, social and creative experts. They’ll train and coach you/your team across the latest industry strategies and opportunities for your brand. You’ll have access to these coaches for 1:1 support too, it’s like having the countries best marketers on speed dial. 

support via preferred agency status

Access the perks of our ‘preferred agency’ status with all major digital platforms including Meta, TikTok, Pinterest, Google, Klaviyo and Shopify. Ad account disabled? No problem. Instagram hacked? We’ll have you back up in no time.


Learn how to execute your own paid media buying, build your own email automations and run your own viral social strategies at expert level without the need for ongoing agency fees. Future proofing your business is a sustainable practice, and delivers increased ROI off internal hires. 


Reduce your overheads, keep your expenses lean and put your business growth and profitability back into your own hands – whilst knowing your execution is specialist level. 

real time support

Access real-time coaching and implementation support from the countries best marketers, with 30 minute 1:1 calls. Access the same team that leading ecommerce brands tap into via Chain Social retainers.


We’ll have back-end access to your ad accounts, email marketing and Shopify stores to ensure if at any time you need help, we can jump right in with 1:1 done-with-you support. 

customised to your business

Customised onboarding for your brand, ensuring tailored support and 1:1 mentorship from Shelby that suits the lifecycle stage and resources of your business; whether you’re a start-up or a fully fledged eCommerce business looking to scale. You’ll be written a personalised roadmap for your business success – not the same old approach for everyone! 



Meet your coach

CEO of Chain Social, eCommerce (girl) boss, consultant, mentor, business coach, one of Australia’s leading digital agency directors.

Shelby is the 30 year old entrepreneur and founder of Australia’s largest digital and brand marketing agency, Chain Social.Often referred to as an e-commerce trailblazer, Shelby is trusted by some of the country’s largest brands including Bangn Body, JSHealth Vitamins, Simone Perele, Adairs, Gem and more. Her innate ability to adapt, create and move the dial has allowed hundreds of Australian start-ups to become household names. 

Meet some of  your unlimited* support network

Amelia Cincotta


With a suite of digital marketing experience across skincare, fashion and lifestyle industries, Amelia’s eye for detail and specialised Klaviyo expertise has seen her transform brands online revenue dramatically.

Brand experience includes Birkenstock, Silk Laundry, Swissline, Moxie and RMIT.

Tarryn Gee

With an innate passion for all things creative, Tarryn draws on 18 years of industry-specific experience to craft brand stories into experiences. With a strong belief in the power of collaboration, and a talent for blending emotion and strategy, she leads the team to nurture creativity at every stage.

Alexandra Patinotis

With over 8+ years experience in the social media industry working with some of Australia’s largest beauty, lifestyle and fashion brands, Alexandra has a wealth of knowledge in content strategy. The perfect partner for our clients with ambitious goals and an amazing visual communicator who understands brand foundations, and takes on your business as her own.

Brand experience includes: Target Australia, Sitting Pretty Halo, Adore Beauty and Adairs. 

Adele Elliott

Adele is Chain’s Digital Team Leader with over 15 years of experience working in both traditional and digital marketing.

Brand experience includes: leading the Social & Digital Media team at Retail Zoo (Boost Juice, Betty’s Burgers, Salsa’s & CIBO Espresso), Paid Content Manager for L’Oreal Paris and working across a magnitude of startups and small businesses as a freelance strategist.


Our partnerships

Our preferred partner status with all major trusted advertising partners means that you, as an Ecommerce Boss member will be able to take full advantage of the platforms VIP support, and be at the forefront of new features to help accelerate your Ecommerce growth. 


What they say



Founder - Gem

“Shelby is a laser focused digital marketer– with an innate ability to move quick and make decisions that rapidly move the dial.

She treats every business like her own, and has been a fantastic mentor to me over the years.”


Founder - Your Reformer​

“Shelby is a unique and creative entrepreneur with an energy like no other. She understands the digital marketing space like no one we have ever worked with in our 15 years in business. She has supported our business with not only digital marketing and advertising, but also in e-comm strategy. What’s most impressive is how she continues to stay on the pulse in a space that changes second by second.”


Founder - Saint Louve Skincare​

“Shelby has been an integral part of my skincare businesses success since launching 18 months ago. Since our first strategy call she has treated my brand as her own. She simply does not stop, ever, and her mind? On another level. I am so grateful.”



We have A LOT to cover! We want to see you succeed online and as such our timetabling requires a 6 month commitment.  

WHAT MAKES CHAIN'S ECOMMERCE ACADEMY different from other growth/mentorship programs?

You are just moments away from making the best investment in yourself and your business in 2024, let us explain why.

Female-led, our eCommerce Boss allows you instant access to Shelby Van Zwol as your marketing e-commerce coach – including a personalised 1:1 onboarding to define a clear and strategic roadmap for your business’s success.

Where most other growth programs focus solely on paid media buying, Ecommerce Boss will continue with Chain’s flair.  We’re serving up a more holistic ecommerce marketing approach – staying true to our love for performance AND aesthetics whilst staying niched across Fashion, Beauty and Lifestyle brands; because no one sells these categories like Chain.

Now before you join, here’s the catch — the founding pillar of Ecommerce Boss is to deliver an intimate quality over quantity approach. You will not become just another number, unlike other programs online.

We want to be able to deliver our members custom strategy for their business, not just serve them the same old ads strategy as their competitors (yes, this is a plague we’re seeing!)

Ecommerce Boss will deliver you the best chance of ecommerce success. How? by ensuring sustainability long term. Ask yourself- what if Meta went down tomorrow? We don’t put all of our eggs in one basket around here.


Once enrolled you’ll be given a timetable of modules and live webinars, but don’t stress if you can’t make one of the live trainings. You’ll find them in your Ecommerce Boss portal to rewatch anytime.

We’re serving up the best marketing masterclasses and trainings, to train you to expert level.

From paid media buying across Meta, TikTok and Pinterest to organic social growth strategies and best-practice, identifying key selling points, website optimisations, email campaigns, lead generation, influencer marketing, UGC, automation and more.

It’s safe to say you’re in for a real treat with more than one year of master planning having gone into this ecommerce program. We can confidently say, once launched this will be the best program in market.

4/ Can I do the PROGRAM twice?

Ecommerce Boss is an ongoing program – you are required to commit for a 6 month period but are more than welcome to stay in program to continue to reap the benefits of the ongoing support, weekly live training webinars, the community, new modules and much more. 

5/ How much time do I have to commit to the program?

This is dependent on your goals! Our pre-recorded training modules are available to be consumed at your own pace. Our weekly specialist webinar is 1 hour, and the fortnightly webinar with Shelby is also 1 hour. These will be recorded and available in your portal too. It’s up to you if you use all of your 1:1 30 minute calls too.


If you’re interested to know costings to join the program please submit the application form below or book a discovery call with our team. 

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