The future of oral-care; redefining the way we value natural toothpaste because beauty starts in the mouth! 

Bangn Body

With a clean-beauty focus, Bangn Body’s multi-purpose skincare range in their identifiable aluminium tubes became an overnight sensation– taking over the Australian skincare market, and hundreds of thousands of bathrooms worldwide.


Growth Bomb

Where haircare meets science! Australia’s leading haircare brand that powers up your scalp health to achieve explosive hair growth— all powered by the Amazon Jungle.

Beauty Fridge

Introducing Australia’s first Beauty Fridge. The new revolutionary way for beauty enthusiasts to store and keep beauty and skincare items.

Saint Louve

Meet the clinically formulated skin care illuminati. Saint Louve’s cosmeceutical serums improve skin health and are designed in infinitely recyclable, airlress glass patented technology to protect the stability of their active ingredients. 

Christina Sikalias

Christina Sikalias has been synonymous with makeup artistry for over a decade— now happy to share her first collection Luce Del Sole; a shimmeringly lustrous collection of five makeup staples.  


Certified Organic leaders in Australian skincare; MAAEMO create botanical based products that are highly researched, supporting women to embrace their raw and natural beauty.

Edible Beauty

Formulated by naturopath Anna Mitosis, Edible Beauty blends science-backed actives with traditional botanicals to deliver powerful beauty formulas. 

Conserving Beauty

An innovative beauty brand making waves without water. Conserving Beauty exists to conserve your beauty, and the planet’s. 

Cozmetic Lab

Introducing Australia’s first skincare makeup— delivering skin confidence through clean beauty